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Car Killer

Product description Do you love Death Car Racing and Death Moto Games? Try this new Death Rival Game from one of the best car racing games. Drive your fast and furious car in the dangerous and impossible tracks and shoot the heavy load trucks, 4x4 off road trucks, vehicles, fast racing cars and vans. Destroy all of the heavy loaded vehicles and moto racing cars from the route. Enjoy the most playing car shooting games and real car stunt game in the new city car environment. Play like a real hero shooter with heavy rifle gun car to eliminate the fast racing cars keep in mind don't hit & touch any vehicle, heavy loaded truck, 4x4 off road trucks and vehicles. Dangerous and impossible tracks are not so easy for car driving simulation game, so be calm to drive your best shooter car safely in death race car destruction game. This car stunt game is only for the lovers of car racing, car shooting, and car stunts games because this game has the capacity of different enjoyable gameplay and enviroment. Death Race Cars Destruction is an adrenaline boosting racing game with a blend of action packed shooting. The player is not riding and racing in just a car. It’s a war machine fitted with weapons to thrill and kill the enemy. The long race track is the battlefield and the weapons are the instruments and equipment. Raging engines with the thundering weapons are proving to be a deadly combination in the battlefield. Use your ride to acquire the pride. A diverse racing game among other racing games with an opportunity to kill the enemy on the race track. Car Racing Death Rivals is free to play. Play Now! Kill Traffic Cause Destruction Speed up your cars to take down incoming traffic and keep your damage bar intact, avoiding attacks. Pick up power ups along the Way Pick up 4 different power-ups along the way to extend your run. Fetch fuel fillups, NOS filters mounted machine guns and the super blow up monster picker to hyper-accelerate. Don't forget to like and share us on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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